10 Items to keep in your Caching Bag

1. Extra batteries
2. First aid kit
3. Insect repellant and sunscreen
4. Cache repair kit (logs, pens, baggies)
5. Multi-tool
6. Telescoping mirror / magnet / grabber tool
7. Flashlight or headlamp
8. Water and snacks
9. Bandana
10. Gloves
OKAY, we can’t just stop at 10. How about compass, digital camera,
signature Items, swag, CITO bags, safety glasses, whistle, travel size wipes,
travel tissues, change of socks and t-shirt, jacket, tweezers and toilet paper
to name just a few more!

10 Steps for Hiding a Cache

1. Get prepared – find a bunch of geocaches first
2. Get prepared – understand the responsibility involved in hiding a cache
3. Plan your location – pick a great spot
4. Get permission and use common sense
5. Choose a great container – waterproof, durable, the right size for the location
6. Stock the cache with logbook, pen or pencil and some good swag if there is room
7. Obtain good coordinates for the location
8. Write a clear, interesting description for the cache listing
9. Seek out a local geocaching mentor to help you with your first hide(s)
10. Each time you hide a new cache, try something different and try to make it

10 Tips for Geocaching with Dogs

1. Make sure the geocaches you plan to find have the “dogs allowed” attribute
2. Think about the length of the hike and the terrain – and how YOUR dog will do in that setting
3. Take the basics: doggie bags, a leash, water (with a collapsible bowl) and dog
4. Get your dog involved: Teach him to sniff out Tupperware or ammo cans
5. Remember your dog can be a great muggle decoy
6. Keep them safe: Watch for venomous snakes!
7. Carefully check for ticks at the end of your outing
8. Know YOUR dog and your dog’s limits. Not all dogs make good Geodogs.
9. Consider special gear: Pooch booties, doggie backpacks, lighted collar for night caching
10. Make your dog “trackable” so others can discover him/her at geocaching events or on the trail

10 Tips for Geocaching with Kids

1. Look for traditional caches (or easy multi’s) with low difficulty and terrain
2. Choose regular or large size geocaches for a better chance of finding swag
3. Help your kids find small toys and trinkets that they are willing to trade and teach them about the “trade even or up” ethic of cache treasures
4. Pack everything you need to be safe and comfortable – lots of drinks and snacks, sunscreen, hats, rain gear, clothing layers, first aid kit
5. Be flexible and know your kid’s limits
6. Take the time to explore with them, don’t just rush to the next cache
7. Engage the kids by having them learn to use the GPS and be involved in the cache hunt
8. Be patient with slow walkers and those who want to stop and look at flowers or bugs – enjoy the experience!
9. Let the kids find the cache, even if you need to “help” the finding process
10. Remember: preparation, patience, flexibility

Question of the Day

According to your Geocaching Statistics tab on your profile, what is your average Difficulty and Terrain?

Question of the Day

How many CITO events have you participated in?

Queston of the Day

Have you ever submitted a cache for review and have it get rejected?

Mission GC


Recently, intelligence agents at GCHQ 47 intercepted a series of encoded messages from a highly classified source. We believe these messages include detailed instructions for securing three new geocaching souvenirs. However, our analysts have been unable to decipher their meaning.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, involves decoding these messages and securing these souvenirs for your Geocaching profile. Fair warning: This isn’t mission difficult. It’s Mission GC.

New intel suggests souvenirs will only be available for procurement on the following dates:

  • The window for securing Souvenir #1 is July 30-31, 2016.
  • The window for securing Souvenir #2 is August 13-14, 2016.
  • The window for securing Souvenir #3 is August 27-28, 2016.

Given the top secret nature of this mission, the encoded messages will be sent for analysis only to those with proper security clearance. Premium members will receive an email including the encoded message one week prior to each souvenir release. Decoding the message will unlock instructions for securing the next souvenir. The first encoded message will be sent to Premium members on July 22, 2016.

Instructions for unlocking the souvenirs will be made available to members of all security levels on the morning of each souvenir release. This information will be posted on all major GCHQ 47 channels (Geocaching.com, Geocaching® app, Facebook and Twitter).

As always, should you or any member of your team be caught by muggles, GCHQ 47 will disavow all knowledge of your actions. This message will self-destruct in 5 seconds.

Good luck. The fate of the geocaching universe is in your preferred TOTT.

Visit the GCHQ 47 Help Center for further information.

Question of the Day

How many Travel Bugs do you own?

GeoWoodstock XV


The main event will be held on Saturday, May 27th, 2017 at the Haywood County Fairgrounds in Waynesville, in beautiful Western North Carolina. Close to amazing Asheville, the Blue Ridge Parkway and Mountains, Pisgah and Nantahala National Forests and many, many things geocachers will enjoy.

The North Carolina Geocachers Organization hosted GeoWoodstock V in Raleigh, NC (hence the tie dye “V” in the logo) in 2006 and can’t believe it’s been ten years already. So…

Nothing could be finer than to cache in Carolina….AGAIN!