The geocaching game board, aka the Earth, is pretty awesome. Learn about it by finding an EarthCache or clean it up by attending a CITO event beginning July 31 to earn another souvenir.

Extreme Caching


Sometimes you just have to get your adrenaline flowing or your mind racing. Find a Terrain 5 or Difficulty 5 geocache beginning July 17 to earn a souvenir.

Geocaching Event

EventsAttend a Geocaching Event and meet geocachers between Jul 3 and September 2 and earn a new souvenir

Question of the Day

Ammo Can or Large Lock N’ Lock?

Question of the Day

What has been the best Challenge Geocache you have found? (not the geocaching challenges that “replaced” virtuals)

Question of the Day

How many caches have you found that are LESS THAN one mile from your home coordinates?

Florida Finders Fest

FFF 11The FGA is hosting the Florida Finders Fest again this year.  The event has been published.  Stop by and log your will attend.


It is with great sadness that the FGA must post the passing of Joe Armstrong (JoGPS).  He was known as the god father of Geowoodstock.DSC_5459

15 Years of Geocaching Quiz

So you think you know geocaching? Prove it! Take the 15 question, 15 Years of Geocaching Quiz to test your ‘caching trivia skills—and maybe learn something new along the way.

How did you do? Share your results and your favorite piece of geocaching trivia on the Geocaching Facebook page.

Join the Geocaching Road Trip ’15 – Earn 6 Souvenirs

Geocaching15_May2-3_MailerAssets_vFINAL2_Blog-1Over the next few months, we’ll all be going on a geocaching journey to celebrate 15 years of geocaching. You’ll have the opportunity to complete five geocaching quests, each of which will earn you a special souvenir for your geocaching profile. Complete all five and you’ll earn a sixth, extra special souvenir.

After each quest begins, you’ll be able to complete it and earn your souvenir until September 2, 2015. So pack your bag, load up on snacks and set your road trip playlist, because here are your quests and their start dates:

  • June 19 – Sept 2Find a geocache with 10 or more Favorite Points
  • July 3 – Sept 2Attend an Event, Mega-Event or Giga-Event
  • July 17 – Sept 2Find a T5 or D5 geocache
  • July 31 – Sept 2Find an EarthCache or attend a CITO
  • August 14 – Sept 2Find a Mystery Cache