11th Annual Florida Finders Fest

The paperwork for 11th Annual Florida Finders Fest has been submitted to Groudspeak for approval and publication. FFF will be held October 24 this year. We hope to have it published within 10 days. The website for registration and camping will be open soon.

FWC is requiring insurance this year and that cost may be passed on to all attendees. Would everyone be willing to pay a couple of dollars to continue using the youth camp?  Leave us a comment and let us know your thoughts.

Question of the Day

If you have a smartphone & use it as a GPS, which Geocaching App do you use to find caches?

Florida’s Oldest Active Caches By Types

Traditional  Traditional Cache – Christmas Cache – Placed 12/25/2000

Multi  Multi Cache – Pingy Head South (Central Fla’s 1st GeoCache!!! – Placed 8/12/2001

Virtual Virtual – Lightening striking again and again – Placed 7/28/2001

LBH Letterbox Hybrid – Bald Cypress – Placed 5/20/2001

PuzzleUnknown – Veterans Treasure Trove – Placed 7/26/2001

WebcamWebcam – Catch your breath here! – Placed 9/25/2002

EC EarthCache – Digging Phosphate in Bone Valley – Placed 1/14/2005

WIG Wherigo – Wherigo w/ my Rough Riding Teddy – Placed 4/26/2008


Happy New Year

Golden 2015 Happy New Year Greeting Card With Sparking Spot Ligh

Merry Christmas to all our members


PWCinPC steps down

PWCinPC has moved on to greener pastures in Alabama and has stepped down as a FGA board member.

The Board would like to thank PWCinPC for his support of the FGA and wish him all the best.


FFF T Shirts

We have received several requests for the event shirt we are going to place an order for more shirts.  We will be accepting orders for two weeks.  Order cut off will be 3:00PM, Monday November 10, 2014.

If yo want to order a shirt send an email to fgaadmin@floridacaching.com.  Let us know how many and what sizes.  All orders will have to be paid by the above cutoff date and time.

The price for each shirt is $15 plus $3.50 shipping.

Sorry no additional orders for coins or pathtags.

FFF Shirt

Florida Finders Fest

mega     FFF is less than a week a way. Who is going?

The FGA has placed over 100 ammo cans for your searching pleasure. Caches will begin being published on Tuesday. Gauntlet and Poker Run caches will be published on Sunday. There are caches also placed for the Jeep Run. I have heard there may be new geo-art in the forest. Of course, if you like to walk/hike there are many caches placed along the FT.

There are eight events in the area you can attend between Thursday and Sunday.

There will be ten lab caches that go live at 3:00PM on Thursday.

Geocaching International Film Festival will be played all day Saturday.

There are thirteen ammo cans and ten lock and locks stocked and ready to place for prizes for the gauntlet, poker run, TB race and team T-Shirt contest.

We will also have a Chinese raffle and a 50/50 raffle.

Hope to see everyone there.


100 Things Any Geocacher Must Do Sooner Or Later

The Checklist: 100 Things Any Geocacher Must Do Sooner Or Later

Some things are cool to try, others are unavoidable no matter if you want to experience them or not. This list compiles 100 things that should or will happen to you at one point or another, whether you like it or not. How many can you tick off?

Log a multi cache.
Become FTF.
Hide your own cache.
Log your 100th find.
Buy geocaching stuff online.
Think “this would make an excellent hiding spot” on your way to work or school.
Geocache on your vacation, to the horror of the rest of the family.
Cache abroad.
Participate in an event.
Listen to a podcast about geocaching.
Upgrade to a new GPS.
Download GSAK.
Go geocaching in a group.
Log a mystery.
Cache in the dark.
Phone a friend to get help finding a cache.
Get lost.
Log a traditional.
Organize an event.
Walk the birds’ path even if it’s not the most suitable one.
Use a flashlight while searching for a cache.
Move a TB or a coin.
Buy and send your own TB or coin.
Have a pre-packed geocaching bag.
Randomly meet another geocacher.
Drop your GPS in the water.
Log the wrong date online.
Log a DNF.
Drive on a private road.
Visit http://www.awesomegeocaching.com.
Miss your favorite TV show to log a cache.
Google “geocaching” out of boredom.
Say or think “only one more cache”.
Have a dream about geocaching.
Register in a local or national geocaching organization.
Have your photo taken while up in a tree.
Geocache in a metropolis.
Buy a lock n’ lock container.
Hope for an update/new feature on geocaching.com (or other similar website).
Log a webcam cache.
Brag about a geocaching achievement.
Get weird looks from muggles.
Get stopped by the police.
Have a special music playlist for geocaching trips.
Stare for ages at a physical map.
Do something physical you would otherwise never have done.
Pick up trash while geocaching (CITO).
Stand right next to a cache without seeing it.
Park where you shouldn’t park.
Log an earth cache.
Film a geocaching adventure with a video camera.
Have the phone number of another geocacher in your cell phone.
Upload a photo to geocaching.com.
Search online for a cache of a specific difficulty.
Become surprised when darkness falls.
Try to place a cache that gets denied by a reviewer.
Blog about geocaching.
Ask a newbie question about geocaching on a forum.
Write a cache description in a foreign language.
Explain geocaching to a muggle.
Download something related to geocaching.
Become wet during a search.
Write the wrong date in a physical log.
Read about geocaching in a newspaper or magazine.
Log your 1000th cache.
Think “what the heck am I doing here?”
Accept a challenge related to geocaching.
Become FTF for the 10th time.
Log DNF three times in a row.
Participate in a CITO-event.
Wish that your GPS device was better.
Find something really fun in a geocache.
Have a bad GPS reception.
Run out of batteries at an unsuitable moment.
Wish that you could be out geocaching, when you’re stuck with something else.
Log a cache that would not be possible to take without the help of someone else.
Bring a friend for a geocaching trip.
Trade up a cache, meaning to leave something of greater value than what you take.
Log a cache in a cache bomb.
Log all caches in a cache bomb.
Criticize a fellow geocacher.
Log at least 10 caches in a day.
Attempt a 5/5.
Complain that people don’t put the cache back at its original location.
Not put a cache back at its original location.
Complain about bad coordinates.
Pretend to tie your shoes to avoid muggles.
Tell a friend about geocaching.
Fix a damaged cache that belongs to someone else.
Become thrilled about an e-mail from geocaching.com.
Applaud another geocacher.
Be annoyed by all the trash in caches and then place something useless yourself.
Lose your GPS.
Geocache together with children.
Take a break of over a month.
Tease someone who can’t find a cache that you have already found.
Forget to log a cache online.
Log a cache in a cave.
Log a letterbox cache.
Complete everything on this list.

West Central Florida Trail Closures

ATTENTION: All users of the Wilderness parks.

SWFMD is going to be doing logging, so a substantial part of the park will be closed to cyclists off and on road, skaters, hikers, and runners.

The paved North loop will be closed from Clay Gulley to the water station at the “Y”.

The ENTIRE off road section in the center of the paved loop (26-37) will be closed.

These closures will be for 9/24,9/25,9/26. The entire park will be open on the weekend, but these sections may be reclosed 9/29 and 9/30.

Gregg Irving