West Central Florida Trail Closures

ATTENTION: All users of the Wilderness parks.

SWFMD is going to be doing logging, so a substantial part of the park will be closed to cyclists off and on road, skaters, hikers, and runners.

The paved North loop will be closed from Clay Gulley to the water station at the “Y”.

The ENTIRE off road section in the center of the paved loop (26-37) will be closed.

These closures will be for 9/24,9/25,9/26. The entire park will be open on the weekend, but these sections may be reclosed 9/29 and 9/30.

Gregg Irving

Earn a Souvenir on International EarthCache Day

Is your calendar handy? Circle October 12, put a smiley on it, and write, “We’re finding an EarthCache.” It’s International EarthCache Day, the first Sunday of Earth Science Week and it’s your chance to join the global geocaching community in discovering a unique geocaching experience. Each person who logs a “Found it” for an EarthCache on Sunday, October 12, receives a new digital souvenir for their Geocaching profile. The souvenir will only be available onOctober 12, so start planning now.

EarthCaches take geocachers to a special geological location. You might discover a giant boulder left by a glacier thousands of years ago or stumble upon seams in the earth carved by the Earth’s tectonic plates. There’s no physical container to find with an EarthCache. Questions about the geological site are posed on the EarthCache’s page. You discover the answers, email the owner of the geocache with those answers, log a Found it, write a fun log of your experience and you’re off to your next EarthCache!

Share your International EarthCache Day experiences on the Geocaching Facebook page, and if you’re in the neighborhood, explore the 3rd Annual International EarthCache Event on Vancouver Island, Canada.

Question of the Day

If you have hidden a TRADITIONAL geocache, which one was your favorite hide (and why?)

Florida Challenge Quest

While out finding caches around the state for the challenge quest, you may be interested in Florida DeLorme Challenge.  The goal of this challenge is to find a geocache on each of the 100 required page/map sections of the Florida State DeLorme Atlas & Gazetteer.

Florida Challenge Quest – The goal of this challenge is to find a cache in each county in Florida

North Florida Challenge Quest

South Florida Challenge Quest

Final Florida Challenge Quest

7 Souvenirs of August


Welcome to your geocaching mission for this summer. During the month of August, earn six new Geocaching souvenirs by finding specific types of geocaches. Only by finding all six souvenirs do you unlock a special seventh “Achiever” souvenir. And we always knew you were an achiever. 

Are you going to complete the  7 Souvenirs of August?

Question of the Day

How many Geocaching Souvenirs do you have that are NOT State Souvenirs?

Cache of the Day

Now that the sun is high in the sky here is a cache to add to your to do list.  You can cool off before and after you find the cache.  There is also a picnic table so bring a lunch and enjoy some of Florida’s beautiful natural environment!

TradionalIt’s Good to Have Choices

Check out the photo gallery, yes there is a river crossing, but you have choices, wet or dry.  Also, you are looking for an ammo can.

A photograph taken at this cache was used in  a geocoin that the FGA had minted.

FGA coin


Question of the Day

If you have a smartphone & use it as a GPS, which Geocaching App do you use to find caches?

Trackable Etiquette 101


There are literally thousands of Travel Bug® trackables bounding around the world right now. They’re powered by geocachers, traveling geocache to geocache. Travel Bugs travel in pockets, backpacks, purses and snuggle up in suitcases for long distance voyages. Sometimes though, their travels stop cold. Standby for a sad emoticon. :-( 

The trackables get stuck in couch cushions, lost in the kitchen junk drawer or simply (and sadly) forgotten.

Here are 3 tips to help Travel Bugs do what they do best: travel. First, if you find a Travel Bug® or any trackable in a geocache, you are not required to trade anything for it. But if you take it, follow some common sense trackable etiquette. It all starts by entering the tracking code here.

•    Log that you have retrieved the Travel Bug or trackable from the geocache as soon as you’re able. By logging that you’ve retrieved it, the Travel Bug owner, geocache owner and all those looking for Travel Bugs will know that this one is on the move.

•    Check the Travel Bug’s goal by going to its page. It’s as easy as typing in the tracking code. Then you can find out if it’s headed to beaches around the world, mountain tops in Austria or somewhere else. The idea is to place the Travel Bug in a geocache that will move it closer to its goal.

•    Drop the trackable in the next geocache and log that you have done so. If you need to keep the trackable for more than two weeks, please email the owner to let them know that their trackable is taking a short rest, but will be on the road again soon.

But wait, etiquette doesn’t stop there. Share this video on Geocaching Etiquette with the new geocachers in your life. 

Lab Caches

Have you ever wanted to log some Lab Caches but have never attended a Mega Event?  Here is your chance.  Check out the Geocaching. com Lab Caches page and check out the Earth to Echo Adventures.

Earth to Echo Adventure